Augmented Reality Retail

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A confident consumer of a purchase is a happy customer who will gladly return to the sale's channels of his trusted brand. Augmented Reality has profoundly changed the retail sector: being able to visualize and interact with the 3D model of a sofa in your living room helps the client make a more reasoned choice and involves him more in his shopping ritual.

Today many visits to online shops take place via smartphone: there are many products that can attract the attention of the consumer, who will see his doubts grow without adequate visual support. Does this sofa look good in my living room? Does it match the already existing furnishings? Is the size right for the space available to me? These and other questions can be answered by an Augmented Reality solution, immediate and accessible directly from a smartphone while the client is browsing the online store or through a dedicated application.

Augmented Reality Retail
Augmented Reality Retail

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Augmented Reality Retail
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