Where you want, without renouncing to your apps

AR.Cad.IA is a flexible solution that adapts whether you’re working on a PC or on a Tablet and supports the main operating systems Apple, Android and Microsoft Windows. Its simplicity is also contained in the tools we provide to achieve your goals: a SaaS platform for facilitated creation of AR experiences, a stable and up-to-date Software Configurator to publish your projects and a Software Development Kit for a rapid integration of AR experiences into your applications.

Manageable and customizable

AR.Cad.IA is the tool designed to simplify and speed up s the creation of Augmented Reality experiences, giving everyone the necessary technological means to give life to the desired projects in a matter of minutes, regardless of one’s computer skills. Our Suite is tailored to your needs even in the price, ranging from basic plan to customized proposals that offer you direct and professional support in developing the idea you believe in.

Why settle when you can amaze?

If the usual creative solutions don't satisfy you and you can't engage your audience as you would like, try to amaze them with Augmented Reality.
Make the shopping experience more enjoyable, reach your fans thinking outside the box or promote yourself and your work. With AR.Cad.IA you can make unique flyers, brochures, posters, business cards, resumes and physical products.

  • Advertising
  • Art & Events
  • Design
  • Education
  • Retail
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One Suite, endless possibilities

We design the AR.Cad.IA interface to give you quick access to a whole range of supported interactions: if you want to put in your mobile number, the e-mail address to let people contact you or a video that represents you, just press a button and enter your information. All your changes are displayed in real time to give you control over your actions at any time.

  • Videos, animations and images
  • Audio and sound effects
  • Telephone numbers, SMS and e-mail
  • Call to Action to websites, social profiles and useful links
illustrating the operation of the AR.Cad.IA configurator for the creation of Augmented Reality experiences

How to start

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Create extraordinary AR experiences with all the simplicity of our tools.

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Download the AR.Cad.IA - Augmented Reality app and test the project before publishing.

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Consult daily, weekly, monthly data and the geographical position of the experiences done.

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